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Blue Spigot 

@ the intersection of faith & life & God 


In 1997, a spigot became a defining image for my identity and my purpose. You can read about that event here. 


God has been pouring out his goodness and his guidance all my life, and my purpose is to keep it flowing – what comes to me from God needs to come through me to others. To family. To friends and neighbors. To you. 


I want my life and my writing to be wide open – generous and gracious. Every month the Blue Spigot will dispense one of the following: 


  • Practical reflections about walking with God and walking in his ways.  

  • An entry from my “Book of Stones”, an historical log of God’s work and provision in my life.

  • Vignettes and stories collected from years of serving as a Pastor and a Hospice Chaplain.  



Now what? 

* Check the blog regularly at 

* Have it delivered directly to your email address by subscribing on the contact page.

* Share it with your friends.  

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